Morgans Boutique Hotel Check In
Morgans Boutique Hotel Check In

2 night package deal

6 October 2020

Why go on a far fetched holiday, when you can get an easy, soothing vacation, merged into the best thrill of Sydney vibes, right at the tip of your toe?

Right in the heart of Sydney, Morgans Boutique Hotel stands proudly.


2 night package deal, 15% off the advertised rate on our booking website.

Please call us on +61 2 8354 3444 for more details.


Are you looking for a special, unique and time limited event? 

Well, the Darling square Moon Festival is the place for you. Eat your heart out with the variety of exquisite  foods, along with the fascinating culture of asian celebrations. So, don’t forget, hit the crowds with an oh yeah!

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Is that too vibrant?

Then you might want to try Lindy Lee’s exhibition. Visit the stunning artworks which Lindy have been working on for ages, delicately carved, but also specially made by nature - she let the rain flow on it, making it the finest artwork ever.

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Something out of the box, you say?

Well, you may visit the daring MEGA CIRCUS. Here, you learn the art of flying the trapeze, balancing on a single thread of wire, and many more circus acrobatics.This is the core of the thrill. Also, get 100$ off or the classes with your creative voucher. Specific ages are required for some activities.

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What OUR guests loved the most

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We had great time in Morgans Boutique Hotel. We liked the fact that there was a shaded balcony with a table and two chairs. Bathroom had a window. Room was equipped with iron, ironing board and kitchen amenities.


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