Morgans Boutique Hotel Check In
Morgans Boutique Hotel Check In

2020 performance highlights

30th of December, 2020

This year we focused on improving the guest experience.
We listened and answered the dynamic guest demands in a practical way.

1. Property Improvement
Comfort and convenience are the core of guest demands. To fulfill it, Our property improvement and periodic refresh have been done with room renovation and furnishing.
The periodic refresh focuses on keeping the interior stylish yet modern. It offers our guests a sense of exclusivity.

2. Check-in System
The newly implemented contactless 24-hour check-in system smooths the guests' arrival experience. You can check-in at any time without concerning yourselves with unnecessary contacts in public areas.

3. Multiple Communication Channels
We aim to build a platform combining up-to-date technology and methods, which keep the communication efficient and timely between our guests and us. It also assures the latest information, including recent events, travel inspiration, traffic notice, etc., is available to our guests promptly and thoroughly.
We published the information on our website news section. The information is published on our social media account simultaneously. It means we can be reached on social media at your convenience, like Facebook or Instagram.

All these have been constructed and designed with a style in consistence with our company profile.

Our scope for the coming year will be,
Demand, Expectation, Satisfaction.

What OUR guests loved the most

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The bed was extremely comfortable and we appreciated the kitchen facilities to have tea/coffee at our leisure. The location in Darlinghurst was convenient to Sydney sites.


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